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German A2 level

A2 is the second level after completing level A1. A2 includes understanding of indirect objective case (dative case), prepositions with dative and accusative, reflexive and separable verbs, declension of pronouns, simple future, past and passive voice.

Lessons included in level A2 are:

Lesson 20
Dative case in German language

Lesson 21
Declension of nouns in accusative and dative

Lesson 22
Pronouns in dative case

Lesson 23
Prepositions with dative case

Lesson 24
Separable verbs in German

Lesson 25
Prepositions with accusative and dative

Lesson 26
Reflexive verbs in German

Lesson 27
Perfect tense in German

Lesson 28
Particles in German

Lesson 29
Simple future in German (Futur I)

Lesson 30
Passive voice in German (das Passiv)