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Numbers in German

German numbers from 1 - 10

One Eins

Two Zwei

Three Drei

Four Vier

Five Fünf

Six Sechs

Seven Sieben

Eight Acht

Nine Neun

Ten Zehn

Please note that eins is used as a quantity or number (one). Where as ein is indefinite article (a or an).

German numbers from 11 - 20

Eleven Elf

Twelve Zwölf

Thirteen Dreizehn

Fourteen Vierzehn

Fifteen Fünfzehn

Sixteen Sechzehn

Seventeen Siebzehn

Eighteen Achtzehn

Nineteen Neunzehn

Twenty Zwanzig

German numbers from 21 - 30

Twenty-one Einundzwanzig

Twenty-two Zweiundzwanzig

Twenty-three Dreiundzwanzig

Twenty-four Vierundzwanzig

Twenty-five Fünfundzwanzig

Twenty-six Sechsundzwanzig

Twenty-seven Siebenundzwanzig

Twenty-eight Achtundzwanzig

Twenty-nine Neunundzwanzig

Thirty Dreißig

German numbers from 31 - 101

From 31 onwards rule is same as in 21 to 29, two numbers are joined by "und":
Thirty-one Einunddreißig
Thirty-two Zweiunddreißig
and so on till fourty.

Forty Vierzig

Forty-one Einundvierzig

Fifty Fünfzig

Fifty-one Einundfünfzig

Sixty Sechzig

Sixty-one Einundsechzig

Seventy Siebzig

Seventy-one Einundsiebzig

Eighty Achtzig

Eighty-one Einundachtzig

Ninety Neunzig

Ninety-one Einundneunzig

Hundred Hundert

One-hundred Einhundert

One-hundred and one Einhundertundeins

Hundred and one Hunderteins

German numbers from 200 - 1001

Two hundred Zweihundert

Three hundred Dreihundert

Four hundred Vierhundert

Five hundred Fünfhundert

Six hundred Sechshundert

Seven hundred Siebenhundert

Eight hundred Achthundert

Nine hundred Neunhundert

Thousand Tausend

One Thousand Eintausend

One Thousand one Eintausendeins

One Thousand and one Eintausend und eins

German numbers from 100,000 to trillion

Hundred thousand Hunderttausend

One-hundred thousand Einhunderttausend

Million Million

One million eine Million

Billion Milliarde

One billion eine Milliarde

Trillion Billion / Trillion

One trillion Eine Billion

Use of comma in German numbers

Use of comma and period in German is opposite to English. Comma is used as decimal separator and period is used as thousand separator.
For example, 1.100 is not one point one zero, it is one thousand one hundred in German.
1.100,58 Euro is "Eintausend einhundert Euro und achtundfünfzig Cent" (One thousand one hundred euros eighty-five cents).